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No Fillers - No Additives - Great Flavor!

Brinkley’s Best began with producing wood pellets for wood pellet stoves at a production facility near Barnwell, South Carolina in 2006 under another company name. The current wood pellet plant is in Monticello, Georgia off highway 83.

Brinkley’s Best uses only air dried or kiln dried red oak, white oak, and hickory to make the Premier Blend. The pellet feedstock is 100% sustainable certified wood and is free of any additives, preservatives, binders, or flavors. We guarantee this Premium Grade BBQ Pellet will be the perfect choice for all your favorite cuts of beef, chicken, fish, vegetables and especially pizzas. The even and consistent heat from the red oak and white oak is complimented perfectly with a slight hint of the bold hickory. The premier blend smoke/heat combination is perfect for short cooks on steaks, chicken and fish and provides a nice, consistent smoke ring with firm bark for longer cooks of ribs, beef briskets/ tenderloins, pork shoulders and Boston butts.

We guarantee each bag to be a premium pellet with consistent burn qualities for even flavor profiles without heavy smoke flavors. We believe this is one of the best pellets on the market today and have sold hundreds of thousands of bags to satisfied customers over the last 8 years. Every bag we sell has a money back guarantee, so give us a try today. 

Brinkley's Best has supplied barbecue pellets to RecTeq since 2014.  

Our company is located near Augusta, Georgia, home of the Master’s Golf Tournament.


pork chicken

Pork ribs in rear amid beef ribs center left, cooked at 250 degrees for 3 hours. Chicken added later and cooked for 1.5 hours.

The premier blend pellet will give you a substantial smoke ring about 3/8” deep & nice crisp bark without a heavy smoke taste that will mask your special grill sauces and techniques. These are pork ribs cooked at 275 degrees for 2.5 hours.
beef ribs

Beef ribs, 275 degrees for 3 hours.