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Our family, like most families has always enjoyed getting together and having large BBQ events. Whether it be at the lake celebrating the 4th of July, getting ready for college gameday, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, or really any excuse to get together. I remember as a kid my dad putting way too much lighter fluid on the charcoal and pretty much over cooking everything, but we were just happy to be together as a family!

Now it seems everyone is getting a pellet grill and we are no exception. The BBQ pellet grill industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the BBQ industries. There are many brands on the market. You can find them in all the big box stores and hardware stores in your neck of the woods.

However, many of these big producers, name brands, and smaller brands have no idea where their pellets come from and no idea of the actual wood content in the pellet. They have great marketing campaigns, and fancy pretty bags with great logos that are filled with pellets that come from large industrial production plants that make pellets for power production in Europe. Yes, sad but true. However, we manufacture our pellets right here in the USA in a small town near Atlanta called Monticello, Georgia. We have been manufacturing and suppling RecTeq Grills in Augusta, Georgia since 2014. Please be assured we are not new to this industry and have been providing quality wood pellets for years.

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The Brinkley’ Best Name of our Brand (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND HOW)

Dave had Wendy. We have Brinkley! I’m Mark Vaughn and president of Georgia Torrefaction Technology and now Brinkley’s Best brand of premium hardwood BBQs pellets. My wife and I were married in 2003 and our daughter, Brinkley, was born in 2005. Brinkley is our only child and an amazing blessing.

As a child, Brinkley loved to be outside while I was grilling steaks, ribs, chicken, vegetables, and anything else I may try. Originally on our propane grill, which crumbled into rust and was thrown out finally, and now with our wood pellet BBQ grill. 

 Brinkley2 500When we found out we were having a girl, my wife and I decided to name her after her great great grandfather, who was both a doctor and a senator. The Brinkley name goes back generations and when we decided to start our brand, we felt it was important to keep in mind our history, as family is important to us. We wanted to incorporate it in the heart of our business as a reminder of what is important in life, the people around us.

We welcome you into our family and hope you love our pellets as much as we do!